Employers Seeking Teachers


Avantage Quebec is aware of the French Immersion and French Core teacher shortage across Canada. It became obvious having been asked to unretire and return to teaching by three different schools districts in two different provinces within a week of business travels. 

In conversation with French Immersion Coordinators and Principals responsible for hiring, the shortage is acute and it is difficult for administrators to find qualified teachers in a time of teacher shortages and an increased demand for French Immersion programs. Compounding the problem is the lack of desire amongst our own french immersion graduates. After conducting surveys in several classroom talks, high school students have virtually zero interest in becoming French Immersion teachers. We can only hope that some of their career directions change during their early undergrad studies and some are interested in switching to Education. 

As a former teacher in a French Immersion school in British Columbia, a parent of two French Immersion graduates and having worked in a couple Quebec Universities over the passed 6 years, I want to be your connection to Quebec student teachers as well as other present teachers willing to leave Quebec and teach elsewhere in Canada.

I am quickly establishing a database of graduating teachers from McGill, Bishop's, Laval, University of Montreal and the University of Quebec Affiliated universities as well as the bilingual universities in Ottawa and Moncton. I hope you will consider hiring me to be your "boots on the ground" right here in Montreal and establish a professional connection to satisfy your District demands for French language teachers.

I can save you time and money in your quest to find the right teacher for your situation, I know what teachers are available and most importantly where they are willing to relocate, saving you valuable resources chasing non-interested leads. Having been a recruiter for the past six years I realize the amount of time spent before hearing the words "No thanks, I have chosen to go elsewhere".

Contact us as soon as possible regarding your French Immersion staffing requirements.