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Dear Graduating Teachers

Congratulations on your choice to become an educator and follow a rewarding career path, which I hope will be as fulfilling and memorable for you as it has been for me. As a former high school teacher and university academic advisor, please allow me to utilize my vast experience in education on the east coast, west coast and Quebec, to help you start your teaching career on the right path. Be wary of district recruiters whose sole purpose is to convince you to teach in their district. This district may be one of the worst teaching and lifestyle choices you could possibly make. I on the other hand, with knowledge of your teaching and lifestyle requirements, will tailor your professional selections to the correct teaching situation.

As the owner of my own consulting and advising business, Avantage Quebec, one of my business plans is to assist aspiring teachers to find gainful employment in the field of education at your chosen level in your area of expertise. First and foremost ,please understand that there will be ABSOLUTELY NO COST WHATSOEVER for student -teachers at any time in this process of finding you the right employment situation and lifestyle. I will work free of charge for you, including negotiating with school districts for you if you so desire. I bill all of my costs and benefits to the employers.

I ask that you take the time to register yourself with Avantage Quebec. Following your submission I will personally contact you for a face to face meeting or phone, skype, etc., and discuss all pertinent information to formulate a proper plan for your future employment. Your job is to concentrate on your remaining courses and especially your student teaching assignment while I take care of your employment requirements. It is my mission to have you signed to a teaching contract before Graduation Day. I will use the information you have provided me to contact employers who I feel will be your best fit based on your stated requirements.

Here are the three best reasons to allow me to be your representative.

  1. My experience and knowledge will be working for you at no charge while you concentrate on your academics.

  2. I have said it before but in case you missed the bold capitalized letters, I AM FREE, ABSOLUTELY NO COSTS EVER FOR YOU.

  3. Most importantly, YOUR IDENTITY IS PROTECTED until you decide to proceed further with direct contact with a school district employee. A school district will only be given enough of your information to allow them to recognize your teaching abilities as needed by their district. No personal information will be released to them until your permission is granted. Why is this important?

    Case in point; I negotiate as your agent and during negotiations, you decide , possibly against my advice, to accept an offer with a $5000 bonus. After a year, the teaching assignment, living arrangements or both are not working out as planned. Fortunately you have not burned any bridges with the previous multiple offers from employers you turned down. The process did not progress past the release of your identity and if it has , I, as your agent take responsibility for sending you to the wrong job placement. They will still want you. Contrast that with you looking after yourself, you chose someone else instead of them and they may feel slighted and not be interested in you in the future.

    *** My entire career has been in the field of education, helping students of all ages. Whenever you have a question or concern regarding education, please feel free to call me even if you are not a client.


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