Who is Avantage Quebec?


          As a father of two children, like you I made the decision when they entered preschool to have them educated in French Immersion. Both of them spent 13 years in French Immersion and now a decade later when they visit me in Montreal, neither of them can function in French, let alone speak fluently. Sadly all of that French Immersion Education began to disappear once they graduated High School. As I began to realize that my own children's French skills were diminishing rapidly, I was meeting Canadians and Americans with no background in French that have become functionally bilingual. It became obvious to me that French Immersion students should be given the opportunity to obtain a university degree and become fluently bilingual. Avantage Quebec wants to immerse you in a French environment at some of the best universities, to help you successfully obtain your desired career. 

Why Avantage Quebec?


         Few Canadians realize the educational opportunity that exists in Quebec. Depending on your academic choices, Quebec can not only offer the environment to develop your fluency in French, but also save you thousands of dollars. Our knowledge of the Quebec education system will save you money on tuition, housing, transportation, and miscellaneous costs. In addition, with our business partners, Avantage Quebec wants to assure your academic success by providing 24/7 bilingual tutoring services.  We can also connect you with an employment service specializing in English bilingual students if you wish to work to help pay for your education. Avantage Quebec will advise you in making academic and financial decisions to fulfill  a successful university experience that is not possible or available in any other province in Canada. We are looking forward to meeting you in person to customize an individual package of our services.

Quebec Lifestyle

The lifestyle in Quebec is incomparable to anywhere else in Canada. The historical footprint of Canada is very evident as it has been preserved to be a part of everyday life in Quebec. As Montreal celebrates its 350th birthday, Avantage Quebec students will have the chance to experience a modern cosmopolitan city intertwined with its architecture and reminants from past centuries. This city builds its pride off of its culture, more specifically, this city's continuous events are endless. From concerts to festivals, Montreal holds an immense appreciation for good music of all genres and world class experiences. For those who choose Laval University or make the short trip to Quebec City, students can easily walk to the Plains of Abraham where the British Army defeated the French Army and watch concerts from some of the biggest names in music. Quebec is known for being one of the most visited places in Canada due to its various festivals. Most cities shut down over winter, but Quebec embraces the snow and one of its most popular festivals is the Winter Carnival.  

      According to QS Top Universities, Montreal is ranked as the 9th best city to live in for students and the first among all other Canadian cities. As most people already know, Quebec is very famous for its food. It is the home of Poutine, delicious bagels and rich maple syrup, its many restaurants, pubs and bakeries that will not disappoint. Probably many Canadians are not aware that Montreal, not New York or Dublin, annually puts on the largest St Patrick's day Parade in the world which is followed by throngs of support to its many Irish pubs. 

       There's no need to drive as transportation to any event or anywhere in Montreal is very accessible by bus, subway, or bicycle. There are also car and bicycle rentals around the city or Taxi and Uber to help find your way to your destination. Many students use bicycles and our new mayor is dedicated on improving the cycling experience in what is presently the best city for cycling in Canada. Not only is transportation affordable but so is your rental cost of living. The average rental cost is about three hundred dollars per person but Quebec rental rules are different in comparison to other provinces in Canada. Avantage Quebec is here to help you find the best price and the best location so you can enjoy your Quebec lifestyle.